Episode 28: Nancy Kelly on Plutarch, An Interview

Nancy Kelly is an experienced Charlotte Mason teacher who joins us on this podcast to discuss the teaching of Plutarch. You will enjoy her helpful tips and inspiring wisdom.

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"We take the child to the living sources of history––a child of seven is fully able to comprehend Plutarch, in Plutarch's own words (translated), without any diluting and with little explanation." (Vol. 2, p. 278)

If you would like to study along with us, here are some passages from The Home Education Series and other Parent's Review articles that would be helpful for this episode's topic. You may also read the series online here, or get the free Kindle version from Fisher Academy.

Parents and Children (Volume 2), pp. 278-79

Loomis translation (For Teacher Prep)North's Plutarch (Heritage Press Edition)Stories from the History of Rome
Fifty Famous Stories RetoldNancy's Favorite Retelling

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Anne White's Study Guides (free online--scroll down to individual Lives listings)

Nancy's 3-Part Blog series on Plutarch

The Great Courses on Plutarch


  1. Nancy is always so great to listen to! I feel encouraged and I only wish I didn't have 2-3 years to go before getting started with the kids. I think I'm going to start using Anne's guides as I go through myself. Nancy has shared so many wonderful books, I'm so happy to have been able to share this edition with her. I feel so cool to get a mention by name!

    1. Brittney,

      It is a beautiful set of books on our shelf. We are proud to have your contribution mentioned on the program.


  2. A quote for Nancy: when Ralph Waldo Emerson's son edited his father's writings, he made this note after Emerson's essay on Plutarch: "Note 10. In the journal, Mr. Emerson quotes Clough’s choice,— 'Plutarch’s best life is Antony, I think.'"

    1. Dear Anne,
      Oh, this is great! Thank you for sharing this! And thank you, Anne, for your great contributions to the world of those wishing to read Plutarch in the 21st century.