For years, Emily and Liz have provided consulting services to members of their library, and in recent years, increasingly for others around the country. If the queries that come to them through their and Nicole's respective websites are any indication, many others may wish to have some guidance in tailoring a homeschool program to their individual family needs based on the Charlotte Mason method.

If you like using living books, but cannot find just the right ones for your own children's needs, have considered the possibility of modifying or departing from another popular CM curriculum, would like help in one particular school subject area, have questions about how to schedule your day and balance lessons for children at varying levels and with varying needs, or just need someone to help point you in the right direction or encourage you in your particular situation, they would like to try to help. All three of these moms have a wealth of experience and wisdom gained from their own pursuit of a Mason education, extensive knowledge about living books, and compassionate hearts from having struggled to figure things out themselves.

Nicole, Emily and Liz are happy to share further ideas and suggestions with you individually if you are interested in a private consultation. If you want to pursue a consultation with us, please fill out the consultation request form, by clicking the button below, with your personal information and description of specific needs. The consultation can be held by phone, with email follow-up and a detailed written plan based on the recommendations made during the phone consultation. A one-hour fee of $30 is requested prior to the consultation appointment, the payment balance at that same hourly rate is required after it is finished. Please address any additional questions, comments, or concerns in this regard to


  1. If you're wondering if you should get a consultation, just DO IT! You won't regret it! Consider it "CEUs" are an educator after all :) These ladies are so encouraging and helpful. My only regret is that I didn't find them sooner!

  2. If I want to do a consultation for next school year, when would be a good time to schedule it? I don't usually start for the next year until about April or May, but I think I might need time to find some books. Thanks!

    1. K,

      The right time is when you are ready to begin thinking about next year. If you wonder about our preferences, please know that our consulting service is in high demand, so if you want a time three or six months from now, you may want to get penciled in for that time right now.