If you're just learning about Charlotte Mason or wanting to delve deeper into her method of education, this is a great place to start. For the basics of the Charlotte Mason philosophy, begin with the podcast episodes under "CM 101." If you would like practical help and suggestions for specific subjects, look for episodes addressing these under "An Abundant Feast." And for general curiosity, make sure to listen to the Q & A episodes under "The Grand Conversation" where Liz, Nicole, and Emily respond to listener questions.

Why Use the Charlotte Mason Philosophy
Children are Born Persons
The Role of the Teacher
Three Tools of Education
The Power of Connection
Living Books
Recognizing Living Books
Narration, The Act of Knowing
Narration Q & A
The Way of The Will & The Way of Reason
CM and Special Needs

The Saviour of the World
Bible, THE Living Book

Why Study History
Chronology of History
History Books
History Things
Geography Plutarch
Interview with Nancy Kelly
Picture & Composer Study
Poetry: An Interview with Bonnie Buckingham
Language Acquisition
Writing: Copywork & Dictation
Writing: Grammar & Composition
Foreign Language
How to teach a Foreign Language You Don't Know Yourself
Architecture: Sandra Zuidema

Nature Study
Nature Lore
Interview with Cheri Struble
Elementary Science
Middle School and High School Science
Interview with John Muir Laws, Part 1
Interview with John Muir Laws, Part 2
Teaching Math
Elementary Math
Middle School & High School Math, Part 1
Middle School & High School Math, Part 2

Listener Q&A (#1)
History Q&A
Listener Q&A (#3)
Charlotte Mason: Food for Mothers
Listener Q&A (#4)
The Perilous Privilege of Mothering
Scheduling a CM Education
Listener Q&A #5
Listener Q&A #6
Listener Q&A #7
Listener Q&A #8
Listener Q&A #9
Listener Q&A #10
Listener Q&A #11
Listener Q&A #12

Interview with Jeannette Tulis
Interview with Leah Boden